Everything is possible (Germ.)


Alles ist möglich
(Il faut faire ce qu'il faut faire).

German version of a lecture held by Luk Perceval on the 9th April 2000 in the Schauspielhaus Hamburg. This lecture was part of a series of lectures with a central theme: "Alles Kunst? Wie arbeitet der Mensch im neuen Jahrtausend, und was tut er in der übrigen Zeit? ("Is everything Art? How is man going to work in the new century and what is he going to do the rest of the time?") Daniel Libeskind, Jan Philipp Reetsma & Richard Sennett all took part in this series. deel. Every particpant was asked to think and speak about his/her image of the future of his/her discipline. Luk Perceval talked and philosophised about the 21th century theatre