Zola Marathon

1 family, 17 actors and actresses, 3 musicians, 7 novels
Director Luk Perceval has created three theatre evenings from Émile Zola's 20-part cycle of books about the Rougonc Macquart family. 'Love', 'Money' and 'Hunger' are the productions, all playing in a one day marathon. It's a huge project, similar to the legendary 'Schlachten', which made Luk Perceval famous in Germany.
Where did we come from? How did we become the people we are today? Zola's eventful story of a 19th century family explains how industrialisation and capitalism radically change the lives of human beings. His novels are full of restless, driven characters, hungry on the search for happiness, love and a better life. Across all three theatre evenings one question arises: Can we influence our own fate? Or are we just pawns of nature? Love _ Money _ Hunger _ what drives us as human beings? What are we dreaming of? Where do we want to go?
In this family saga, 12 Thalia actors and actresses embody various characters, including figures from the famous novels, 'Germinal', 'The Human Beast', 'L'Assommoir', 'Money' and 'Nana'.
As a special theatrical event, on selected dates you have the chance to see all three plays in one night _ with four intervals, catering and behind the scenes video of rehearsals.
The marathon theatre evening has already been invited to Amsterdam, Luxemburg, St. Petersburg and Korea.