Liebe - introduction from luk perceval on Vimeo.

A Video introduction of the first part LIEBE, of the Zola trilogy: "Trilogie meiner Familie".

Impressed by the Industrial Revolution and the rapid development of the natural sciences, Émile Zola, born in Paris in 1840, composed a 20-volume cycle of novels “Les Rougon-Macquart” detailing the fate of one fictional family – some of them bastards, some legitimate. Zola allows his characters to become murderers and adulterers, business magnates and revolutionaries. Is there nothing more than “the survival of the fittest”? Can mankind ever become “better”? Or are all attempts to make his life more valuable doomed to failure from the start?

Zola’s mammoth project fascinates director Luk Perceval: one family as the microcosm containing all the problems and phenomena of contemporary society. This cycle of novels provides the material for a theatre trilogy lasting three years.


LIEBE introduction

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